Different By Design

NEXGEN is a forward-thinking company that takes a non-traditional approach to oilfield chemistry and applications. Utilizing the experience and expertise of our team, we will work with oil and gas operators and other business partners to design custom solutions to address costly operational problems and inefficiencies. Our mission is to deliver truly differentiating chemical technology to increase efficiency and reduce the total cost of operations. Greater efficiency, that’s the power of true innovation!


Thousands of formulations, hundreds of field trials, and a never-quit attitude is behind just one of our innovations — a unique liquid H2S scavenger that is a market gamechanger. Fully developed by our team, it answers many of the expensive and disruptive side effects of Triazine chemistry. Able to deliver on spec product whether you are needing to remove just ten parts per million or thousands of parts per million H2S, this advancement is the essence of what you’ll find working with NEXGEN.