NEXGEN offers many unique chemical solutions to the oil and gas market, many of which are custom designed for business partners targeting specific operational issues. There has been specific R&D focus on two product lines, Hydrogen Sulfide ‘H2S’ Scavengers and Paraffin Inhibitors. Click below to explore our game-changing SCAVGEN™ and PARAGEN™ product technologies.

SCAVGEN™ H2S scavenger is a new, revolutionary chemical technology that is absolutely changing the way oil and gas operators remove H2S from oil, water, and natural gas systems. Developed fully by the NEXGEN Team, this unique patent pending technology is a true replacement for traditional H2S removal solutions such as MEA triazine. Our SCAVGEN™ technology is field proven to efficiently remove H2S without harmful and costly reaction by-product solids while providing superior cost per result versus any competing technology on the market. Experience the SCAVGEN™ difference today!

Superior Performance

  • True replacement for MEA triazine for continuous, direct injection and contact tower applications
  • Faster reaction kinetics and higher capacity for H2S removal than MEA triazine
  • No reaction by-product solids which eliminates associated system plugging and fouling
  • Non-foaming and non-corrosive 
  • Significant cost benefit in applications where triazine performance is limited due to gas velocity, temperature and/or contact time
  • Fast acting technology can eliminate the need for costly contact towers and other specialized H2S removal equipment

Stability and Performance

  • Superior paraffin inhibition
  • Stable liquid formulation at sub-freezing temperatures
  • Capillary approved
  • Formulation can be customized based on operator specific requirements

PARAGEN™ paraffin inhibitor technology is an advanced formulation delivering superior paraffin inhibition in crude oil systems. Oil and gas operators face many challenges with paraffin deposition, especially in cold weather environments. Our unique line of products can be formulated to remain stable and in liquid state at extreme subfreezing temperature environments while maintaining an effective concentration of active ingredients.